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These are the industries Singaporeans want to switch to

industries Singaporeans want to switch to

Making a career switch is never easy, and there are many factors surrounding this decision. In order to examine and raise awareness on issues concerning the transition from one career path to another, Monster Singapore launched the #IMadeTheSwitch campaign, and polled more than 2,400 respondents across Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.


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Do Singaporeans want to make the switch?

The need for higher salaries and a desire to explore career options is driving Singaporeans to consider switching jobs. A whopping 79% would consider switching to a completely new role outside their comfort zone because they “want the best job” they can get.

The main reason for Singaporeans to desire a career switch is financial stability, with around one-third (30%) seeking a more substantial salary. That said, 22% are concerned about a lack of growth and opportunities for upward mobility in their current field.

Which industries are attractive?

The top industry of choice for Singaporeans to switch into was IT / Hardware / Software (15%), followed by Healthcare / Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals (8%).

Not far behind were the Banking / Financial Services / Insurance, Logistics / Transportation and Education industries (7%). Other industries that Singaporeans showed interest in were Engineering / Construction, Media / Entertainment and Travel / Tourism (6%).

Does one’s work experience play a role when switching?

The #IMadeTheSwitch survey found that the choice of industries to switch into was different for professionals in the early and later stages of their careers.

For instance, the overall appeal for the Media / Entertainment industry was at 6%, young professionals with less than 5 years of work experience were more drawn towards this career path (13%). Conversely, 12% of professionals with 15+ years of experience in the workforce were interested in switching to the Healthcare / Biotechnology / Pharmaceuticals sector, whereas the draw towards that sector was just 4% among the younger crowd.

With a stable economy and abundant opportunities all around, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice. So if you’re stuck in a rut at work and want to explore jobs of the future, the time may be right for you to Make The Switch!

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