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How to use your current job to move up the career ladder

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In today’s competitive job environment where employers remain cautious about hiring, making a switch in your career can be tough. While your colleagues might be spending hours sprucing up their CVs and fine-tuning their cover letters, here’s how you can simply leverage your current position to get to where you want to be in your career.

Leverage on temporary roles
An internship or a contract job may be temporary, but it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

Never underestimate the value of a solid work ethic, no matter how trivial the tasks at hand may seem. This attitude sets you apart from the others, which will be important when you’re up against your peers all vying for the same role. Pair this with your desire to excel, and you’re set to wow!

Even if you decide to not pursue the job by the end of your contract, you can still leverage on the short stint to land and excel in the next one.

Make meaningful connections
Your network of contacts is more powerful than you think, and can make navigating across across job industries and roles a breeze. We’re kickin’ it old school and getting personal here – go attend industry networking events and tap into your rich network of former colleagues, schoolmates or acquaintances.

You’re likely to come across different, important people from the organisations you want to work for, ranging from business owners to recruiters. Do be mindful that it’s not sufficient to just collect business cards and give elevator pitches about your career intentions.

Start by identifying common topic grounds between the other party and yourself. Have a proper conversation. This may not guarantee you your dream job just yet, but it leaves them with a strong impression of you, and keeps you on their radar. This all increases the odds of you landing a job with them if you make the effort to forge a professional relationship

Hone your skills on the job
We know your job description doesn’t explicitly state to “go the extra mile”, but putting in the extra effort is worth the investment.

Develop your existing skills and pick up new ones at every available opportunity while in your current position. Chances are, these skills will spill over to your next job and can take you steps ahead of your peers.

This includes soft skills such as interpersonal communication and leadership skills, as well as cross-departmental skills that remove you from your comfort zone. Use these additional responsibilities to round out your capabilities and impress your future employer.

Provide references
Your CV paints a beautiful picture of your experience and capabilities, but what others say about you will exceed what you say about yourself.

Strengthen your job search by leaving your next employer with professional references. The glowing reference list will give you that edge you need to shine over your competition, who may be just as qualified as you are, but without that boost.

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