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I Made The Switch – Campaign

I Made The Switch Campaign

Career Switch on your mind? This is for you. Monster in Singapore has launched the I Made The Switch (#IMadeTheSwitch) campaign to examine and raise awareness on issues around career transitioning in Southeast Asia. The #IMadeTheSwitch campaign also aims to identify these issues for employers, who might want to understand why employees would consider changing careers, and how they can retain their workforce.

#IMadeTheSwitch campaign is backed by a Monster study that surveyed more than 2400 respondents across Southeast Asia. The study was released to the media (click here for the press release), which was covered in the leading media publications such as Business Insider and HRD Magazine among others.

Here are the Key Findings from ‘I Made The Switch’ Singapore research:

  • 79% of young professionals in Singapore would consider a career outside their field of study
  • While 60% of Singaporeans are currently looking for a job within their chosen field, nearly 80% would also consider an entirely new career path
  • 28% of young Singaporeans feel “very worried” about what the future holds for them
  • 54% say lack of experience is their biggest concern when contemplating a job switch
  • Most Singaporeans want to switch careers into either IT or Media & Entertainment sectors

As part of the campaign Monster interviewed three professionals from different walks of life, who have successfully switched career paths.

Here’s the teaser video that captures the journey of these three professionals, who dared to make the switch!

For more videos of I Made the Switch series, click here

Monster has launched the Career Switch Guide for someone looking to switch career. Get the Career Switch Guide here.

For a full break down of the survey findings, have a look at the Infographic here

Need more help? Here are some articles to help you make the switch:

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