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5 Tips to Get an Admin Job in Singapore

The job of an administrative assistant is super important for a team and the company they work for. They help everyone do their jobs smoothly.

Admins do lots of things like answering phones, sending emails, and even booking meeting rooms. They also help with office projects and manage other people who work with them.

But here’s the cool part: admin jobs can be a bit different depending on the company. Sometimes, they do things like ordering office supplies or even planning travel for the staff. Sometimes, they might even handle social media or set up company events.

To be a good admin, you need to be really good at talking to people and solving problems. It’s also helpful to be good at working on projects, being a team player, and getting along with others.

Effective Tips to Land your desired Admin Job in Singapore

1. Complete Your Education

The first and foremost tip that can help you land a good admin job with decent salary is definitely this one. Completing your basic education is a non-negotiable for most of the job roles in a corporate.

The level of education that you need might vary depending on the organisation and the details of your admin job description there. Usually, companies have a minimum educational criterion that requires you to get your high school diploma or an equivalent degree.

Many organisations that are well-positioned in the market need administrative assistants who have either an associate or a bachelor’s degree, to begin with.

You might be required to handle a project at times and for that, you must have to get your bachelor’s degree. Completing your bachelor’s or associate’s degree will certainly boost your job prospects and help you from being screened out at preliminary levels.

2. Hone Your Skills

When you are working in the capacity of an admin, your job role usually requires you to communicate with other people in the organisation and help them with their queries.

You need to work on your communication and interpersonal skills to get a good admin job.

Your soft skills including teamwork, leadership, problem-solving mindset, etc., play a crucial role in the advancement of your career. In addition to this, you also need to be good with computers.

You should have more than a basic understanding of computers and frequently used software. Having technical knowledge gives you a competitive advantage.

3. Certification

Now having relevant certifications can boost your job prospects drastically, no matter what profile you are working at. This same applies to admin jobsyou can land better admin roles in established corporations if you have relevant certifications to validate your skills and abilities.

You can choose to get certified in common computer programs, accounting, inventory management, etc. You should opt for something that is still in demand by corporations and that also gives you a fair advantage over the competition.

4. Gain Experience

Most of the times, you must have noticed the admin job descriptions saying that experienced professionals are needed.

Now, the demand for experienced professionals is higher in the market as they already know the job and have practical exposure as compared to a newbie.

You should work on gaining an internship or a part-time role to gain some experience before applying for a high-level position at a reputed organisation. An internship will help you put on the right track in terms of gaining proper exposure.

5. Build an Impressive Resume

Did you know that a professionally written resume increases your earning potential by as high as 7 per cent?

Once you have worked on honing your skills and obtaining your certifications, you need to create a professional resume that gets you hired easily.

It should help you clear the preliminary rounds so that you can demonstrate your skills and abilities in the personal interview rounds.

Your resume should be refined for a given job role and should be targeted to establish yourself as the best fit for the job role.

FAQ on Admin Job in Singapore

Q:1 What qualifications do I need to land an admin job in Singapore?

Answer: Typically, a high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum requirement. Having a relevant diploma or certification in office administration can give you an edge.

Q:2 What skills are employers looking for in admin job applicants?

Answer: Employers value skills like communication, organization, attention to detail, time management, and proficiency in office software (e.g., Microsoft Office).

Q:3 How can I stand out in my admin job application?

Answer: Tailor your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences. Write a compelling cover letter, showcasing your enthusiasm for administrative roles and explaining how your skills align with the job requirements.

Q:4 Is relevant work experience essential for landing an admin job?

Answer: While experience is beneficial, entry-level admin positions may not require extensive experience. Highlight any internships, volunteer work, or part-time jobs that demonstrate your administrative skills.

Q:5 What are some recommended job search strategies for admin roles in Singapore?

Answer: Utilize job search websites, networking events, and professional social media platforms like LinkedIn. Consider contacting recruitment agencies specializing in administrative placements for additional job opportunities.

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