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4 most sought after skills in the Singapore job market

most sought after skills in Singapore

According to the 2018 Talent Shortage Survey by ManpowerGroup, employers in Singapore are facing the toughest employment conditions since 2008, with 56% struggling  to  find suitable talent. One of the biggest reasons for this is a lack of experience jobseekers demonstrate. Having a university degree alone don’t guarantee one’s employability — it is important to assess the economic landscape and get the right training to survive in the real world.

As Singapore’s business landscape becomes increasingly plugged in to the digital future, here are some skills that are increasingly in demand:

Software Development

Singaporeans are highly reliant on mobile apps for a variety of reasons including entertainment, and transport to even their daily meals. Jobseekers thinking of  tapping into this lucrative market may consider picking up coding or programming skills if they’d like to qualify for jobs related to software development.

Digital Marketing

As consumers rapidly shift away from tradition media platforms, marketing has also evolved to help brands reach their target audience with the right message via the appropriate digital channels. However, the challenge in digital marketing is not just in execution, but how to implement a robust digital strategy. In addition to business and marketing skills, it pays off to be equipped with the ability to analyse data for strategic decision-making, should you be interested to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Data Analytics

There are over 4.83 million internet users in Singapore today – that means our digital footprints are literally all over the internet. With plenty of data available, there is a huge demand for talent who are able to interpret them to support businesses in their decision-making. This in the longer-term can help companies drive real business results.

Training in mathematics, statistics and even programming, have proven to be useful for jobseekers hoping to get into the field of data science.


In the latest cyber security breach to hit the Ministry of Defence in 2017, over 850 personal data of national servicemen and employees were compromised. It is a huge concern in the private sector, too. Cyber security professionals come not only equipped with the right coding and programming skills, they also highly knowledgeable in cyber forensics and malware analysis.

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