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The pursuit of work-life balance

Work Life Balance

If your kids feel the same way, then probably you need to sit back and mull over your work-life balance.

Work, no doubt, is an integral part of our lives but there is always need for a balance. Yes, ‘Work Life Balance’ is important and according to our new research, Singaporeans generally feel they have an “average” work-life balance, but with some serious room for improvement. When asked what work-life balance means to them, 73% said not working on weekends, while 69% said it means the ability to leave work on time every day. For others, work-life balance means having a choice to work remotely or from home (56%) or choosing their own flexible hours to suit their needs (54%).

As part of the research, Monster.com in Southeast Asia surveyed more than 1000 working professionals in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to find out what aspects of work-life balance are most valued by them.

When asked about the biggest barriers to achieving work-life balance, 40% attributed it to uncooperative and over competitive colleagues, while 42% said it is due to the negative attitude of their supervisors. Only 23% said their managers are supportive and understand staff have life beyond work – significantly lower than Malaysia (31%) and the Philippines (44%).

Highlights of the Monster Work Life Balance Research

  • 73% of Singaporeans say work-life balance means not working on weekends, while 69% would like it to mean simply leaving work on time.
  • 39% said their company does not have an official work-life balance policy.
  • 33% said they are sometimes expected to work late, while 38% said smartphones make it difficult for them to “switch off”.

Findings of the research have been depicted in an interesting and easy to understand infographic – click here to view.

Monster – Work-Life Balance Campaign

Monster has launched the Work-Life Balance campaign to highlight the importance of prioritizing a modern approach to work and encouraging employers to implement policies that promote wholesome, complete and harmonious life.

Moreover, the idea is to encourage job seekers to Find Better Jobs, Faster and go for the jobs that help them manage their work and personal lives in a more efficient manner. Search jobs here.

For more videos of the Work-Life Balance, series click here.

In order to inspire and help you manage your work efficiently, here are some interesting reads:

If the above doesn’t help, find a better job that helps you balance your work and life. Sign up here to never miss a job that you aspire for.

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