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#SheMakesItWork Campaign 2019

She Makes It Work Campaign 2019

In celebration and support of mothers in the workforce or returning to work after having children and their feelings towards having a solid support system at home, Monster.com is excited to announce the launch of #SheMakesItWork campaign. The objective of the campaign is to raise greater awareness on important issues and unique challenges that both men and women face at work, particularly with regards to parental leave and work-life balance.

The campaign is backed by a Monster research, which surveyed over 2000 respondents in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. The study throws light on the challenges working women (including mums) and dads face in the workplace today. This study was conducted for the third consecutive year as part of the #SheMakesItWork campaign.

Highlights of the Survey – Singapore

  • 55% of women believe they have missed out on career opportunities due to having children
  • 43% of women say they have flexibility at work, with 76% requesting for more options
  • 37% of women said they don’t earn as much as their peers
  • A third (33%) also feel they are “treated differently” by their colleagues or managers
  • 53% of men struggle with work-life balance as their main workplace challenge
  • 55% of working mothers struggle with the difficulties of leaving their children at home to go to work

As part of the campaign, Monster.com spoke to two working couples with children, talking about how they manage work and family responsibilities. Here’s the video:

For more videos of the #SheMakesItWork campaign, click here.

Media Coverage Highlights

74% of Malaysian parents face workplace discrimination

Singaporean dads join the fight to support mums at the workplace

Survey marks young parents’ quest for family work-life balance 

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For a full break down of the survey findings, please see the infographic below:

She Makes It Work 2019 

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