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Nearly half of Singapore thinks work needs to be more women-friendly


According to a recent poll by Monster.com in Singapore, 35% of respondents felt that the women-friendly policies at their place of work were either average or inadequate, while 18% weren’t even aware of any pro-women policies in the workplace.

Although 47% agreed that companies have done well in supporting women in balancing career and familial needs, there is more that can be done.

In a bid to help employers offset costs associated with adopting flexible work arrangements for working mums, the Singapore government will not only extend the Work-Life Grant, but also simplify the application criteria and create higher grants.

Here are some tips on how to spot companies that play an active part in making the workplace more equitable for women:

Improving work-life balance for working mums

From paid maternity leave and flexible work schedules to childcare benefits, employers can adopt a variety of initiatives to retain bright female employees, empowering them to embrace their role as working mothers. Women should not in any way feel their careers are at stake if they have to prioritise their child’s needs.

Flexible work schedules that will allow mothers (and fathers) to attend their parental duties, such as school or doctor appointments can go a long way in keeping employees motivated.

Equal pay for equal work

The gender pay gap is a cause for concern with only small signs of improvement since 2006, according to a study by the research firm ValuePenguin. The pay gap ranges between 20%-40% for the same roles, favouring male employees in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, information and communications, financial and insurance.

To ensure all employees are paid fairly regardless of gender, companies need to consider taking a conscious stance in assessing the benchmark for salary remuneration. If employees in similar roles are matched up against the same KPIs, corresponding pay should be a given.

Breaking barriers for traditionally male-dominated jobs

Time and time again, women have proven to be just as capable as their male counterparts, with successful female executives rising to the top in male-dominated industries. With a declining talent pool in the local workforce, it is imperative for any industry to cultivate an equal and hospitable work environment, capable of attracting top talent.

The change in mindset will have to begin from the top, with industry leaders dispelling misconceptions that jobs have a gender label. With the right policies in place, companies need to ensure these measures are beneficial to all parties.

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