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5 skills you need to get a job in the education sector

Teachers who love teaching, they say, teach children to love learning. Teaching may have been sidelined but the slowing down of Singapore’s economy in recent years has led to a focus on education, specifically skill development. The government’s newly constituted SkillsFuture programme aims to equip citizens with skills necessary to survive an economic transition.  

The emphasis on skill development has put the focus back on the education sector. In 2016, the government allotted S$12.8 billion for education—double the amount allocated 10 years ago. Hiring too is steady—a fact corroborated by the Monster Employment Index in April 2016, which registered a 6% year-on-year growth for education.

If you’re looking for a career in education, you’ll need:


Good academic record
If you intend to teach others, you should have been a good student yourself. A good academic record is a prerequisite for most careers in the education sector. Teacher jobs normally have a minimum cut-off that is higher than in other sectors.


Great communication skills
Teaching is all about effective communication, which makes this skill a key attribute for a successful career. The ability to communicate complex ideas simply and precisely is the foundation of any teaching exercise.


Teaching requires plenty of patience. A good teacher is prepared to explain things over and over again until the last person in the room understands the concept.


Like patience, kindness is a defining trait of a good teacher. A teacher must be sensitive to the needs of students and be ready to guide them with empathy and wisdom.


Good educators never lose their enthusiasm despite teaching the same thing over and over again. In fact, quality teachers are creative and find new and interesting ways to teach students.


The best teachers are full of positive energy and always encourage students. They realize that different pupils have different talents and are accommodative of quirks and follies.


A teacher must know when to enforce discipline. It is important for teachers to inculcate a sense of discipline in students by enforcing strict order and exercising control.

A good teacher can ignite the imagination and give students wings. If you are one of those who take legitimate pride in the achievements of others, a life in the education sector could be for you. A teacher’s success, after all, is measured by the achievements of students!


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