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10 Common Interview Questions for an Entry Level Web Developer Job

Without web developers, the world wouldn’t have online shopping platforms, games, or quite literally everything else on the internet. 

A web developer job is among the most popular IT jobs in Singapore.

And if you are searching for an entry-level web developer job, we’ve listed top 10 web developer interview questions.

Interview is not only the test of your knowledge but a complete assessment of how you fit in the role and organisation. So, it boils down to the little details in your interview preparation.

Here are the 10 popular web developer questions and answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

  1. What programming languages do you know?

This question is aimed at assessing your technical strengths and weaknesses. For entry-level web developer jobs, you should be proficient in JavaScipt, Python, Ruby, PHP, SQL, CSS, and HTML. 

Your interest level in these coding languages is also evaluated by the interviewer. 

  1. What are the advantages of HTTP/2 over HTTP 1.1?

During your web developer interview preparation, you should study this question. It may be asked to analyse your overall HTTP knowledge and the ability to recollect information. 

Reduced load times and improved performance are two of the major advantages. 

  1. Why is W3C important?

The interviewer may pose this question to determine if you are aware of W3C standards followed in web development. 

For instance, W3C-compliant XML and CSS are essential for improving SEO and website functionality. 

  1. How do you refine your coding skills?

As a graduate web developer, you will be expected to continually upgrade your skills once hired. 

You may suggest how learning is a perpetual process and demonstrate your skills with freelance projects if any. 

  1. Which current trends are ruling the web development industry? 

While preparing for web developer job interviews, you must brush up on the current trends and facts. 

Given the dynamic nature of the web development industry, the assessor gauges your ability to keep up with the shifting trends. 

  1. Why understanding SEO is important for a web developer? 

Various factors such as page speed are important for websites to appear on top search results. 

The SEO team works closely with web developers to create websites that send strong signals to Google’s algorithms.

Hence, it’s important to have some understanding of the factors that can impact search engine optimization.

  1. What’s your favourite coding language?

Your zeal for coding is analysed by this interview question. Besides, it helps the interviewer identify the areas of improvement if you are hired. 

Also, you should be prepared for more questions if you name a programming language.

  1. Why is website optimisation for mobile devices important?

Your future employer may ask this question to see if you can create web pages that function smoothly across various devices. 

In your answer, you should emphasize the importance of website optimisation and how it impacts user experience. 

  1. How were you drawn towards web development?

This is another way of asking – Are you really passionate about web development?

Your answer should reflect enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment towards your profession. 

For this, you can explain how you solved a difficult problem through a proactive approach.

  1. How will you balance client requirements?

Even though you are a fresher, your response will help the interviewer assess your communication skills, commitment, and your perspective on performance under pressure.

Here, prior experience in handling freelance or part-time projects may come in handy to secure a web developer job. 

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