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Human Resources (HR)

15 Important HR Manager Roles (With Job Duties and Tips)

Whether you are a working employee of a well-established company or you are a fresher right after your graduation, there are occurrences when you...

Full Form of HR in a Company: A Guide on Roles, Skills and Salary

Introduction We all know that HR full form in company is Human Resources. However, these two keywords hold more meaning to a business than you...

5 Ways to Avoid Unconscious Bias while Hiring

Unconscious bias is something that is still unfortunately very prevalent in the hiring process, and the tricky part is that it cannot be eradicated...

Top 5 Talent Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

The talent landscape has changed rapidly in the past decade and more so in the last two years owing to the pandemic, which gave...

5 Sourcing Strategies to Find the Talent you Want

As a recruiter you are constantly looking for those “hidden gems”, those exceptionally talented candidates who will be the right fit for your organisation....

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