Life at Avanade

Be your best self and do your best work.

Everything is smart and getting smarter. Watches, phones, TVs, cars. Avanade is part of this too as we advance the world through the power of people and Microsoft. Ready for your next smart career move? At Avanade, we welcome your unique perspective and offer a variety of options that you can choose from to make your Avanade experience work for you. Keep reading; you’ll be surprised what we have to offer.

Join a culture that takes inclusion beyond the surface We don’t just accept differences, we embrace them. It makes us more compassionate and better at understanding people’s needs and expectations—our people, our clients and our clients’ customers. If Inclusion & Diversity is your passion, dive into our world of employee networks, where you can find the space and safety to be yourself. We also offer leadership development opportunities to help create diverse technical leadership career paths.

Whatever your interests, you’ll benefit from experiencing different voices, perspectives, and ideas that an inclusive environment encourages. You’ll see what it’s like to work for a global organization ready to grapple with challenging topics.

We grow YOU

We believe becoming is superior to being. Nice words, but what does that mean exactly? None of us are ever done learning, and if you’re at Avanade, you have a natural drive to explore what’s beyond your comfort zone. We cultivate that drive through training and certification opportunities. Whether you’re interested in learning something new or growing an existing skill, we have the resources to make it happen.

We walk the talk

Our Employee Networks are a foundational part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. These groups work to engage employees from all walks of life and backgrounds, in order to create a more diverse, understanding, celebratory workforce.

Immediate, everyday impact

Tech for Social Good

We’re driven to become the trusted partner to non-profit organizations and the social sector, and to bring about systematic change through the strategic delivery of Microsoft technologies on a global scale.

Working in ways that work for you

We’ve learned a thing or two about a strong digital workforce over more than two decades as a global organization, like that people thrive when given some latitude in where, when and how they work. And that people like the chance to do good in the world. Avanade’s New Ways of Working welcomes flexibility into the standard week. You set the schedule that works best for you.

Our Employee Assistance

Program provides advice and direction outside of your work network, and our Go Team! Employee Recognition program is a great way to give and receive credit for a job well done. At Avanade, we know our best ambassadors are our people. They represent the best of Avanade and can inspire others with their experience and perspectives.

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