Job Vacancies in Trivandrum

With the ever-rising expenses and the growing competition in almost every industry, securing a decent-paying job has become a necessity. Thanks to the high-tech digital era, browsing for jobs that pay a handsome salary and a decent work culture has become a simple task, especially in cities like Trivandrum. 

Before you apply for a part-time job, there might be several queries budding in your head. To help provide answers, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about jobs in Trivendrum.  

Does Trivandrum have a good corporate culture? 

If you are in Trivandrum solely to work and avoid distractions, it has a decent corporate culture. Employees do socialize outside work but mostly mind their own business. Employees working in Trivandrum are typically amiable and understanding. The city has some decent restaurants and pubs if you wish to hang out with your colleagues after work. 

Which skills are the most in-demand among employers in Trivandrum? 

Some of the most in-demand skills when applying for job vacancies in Trivandrum include - 

With dozens of online tutoring websites, you can easily ace these skills and fatten your resume to surmount the competition.  

How to search for the best jobs in Trivandrum? 

With the seamless availability of the internet and several legitimate online job-posting websites such as founditindia, you can browse for jobs all day and still be left with some unexplored positions.  

All you need to do is filter the results as per your skillset, and you will have a dozen options available on your screen to help you select a suitable role. You get different filtering options to help you find what you are looking for in a job profile.  

Do companies in Trivandrum offer benefits such as affordable medical care to employees? 

Trivandrum houses companies of all scales, be it startups, SMEs, or giant MNCs. In terms of benefits offered, it entirely depends on the company. Some companies like Infosys offer healthcare to their employees, but the benefits are meagre.  

If you manage to land a high-paying job, you will receive benefits such as affordable healthcare, work flexibility, corporate Discounts, paid vacations, and several more. Some companies even offer retirement and insurance plans to promote employee retention. 

What are the prospects of jobs for freshers in Trivandrum? 

When applying for a job as a fresher, Trivandrum offers some decent positions if you have the necessary technical and communication skills to impress the interviewers. Some frequent openings for freshers include - 

  • Accountant jobs 
  • Customer service executive 
  • Mobile app development 
  • Web development 
  • Retail/Store executive 
  • Airline jobs 
  • Content writing and marketing 
  • Sales leadership 

Are IT jobs for freshers available in Trivandrum? 

A couple of years ago, Trivandrum lacked development; however, as more MNCs and tech companies have opened their offices in the city, the openings for IT positions have increased substantially. 

Being a fresher, you must be proficient in AI, cloud computing, software programming, and more to successfully apply for a job at one of the many IT firms in the area. 

Are there any IT hubs in Trivandrum? 

While there haven't been enough IT parks in Trivandrum compared to some of the leading tech cities, this city is witnessing a rapid increase in IT hubs due to the establishment of several startups and MNCs. 

Some of the top IT parks in Trivandrum are - 

  • Leela Infopark 
  • Software Technology Parks of India 
  • Bhavani Technopark 
  • KINFRA HiTech Park 
  • Technopark Campus II, Attipara Village 

What is the potential for jobs in the healthcare industry in Trivandrum? 

Apart from tech and IT sector jobs, the city also offers decent positions in the industry of healthcare such as - 

  • Inpatient medical coding 
  • Medical records assistant 
  • Staff nurses 
  • Hospital administrator 
  • Clinical coders 
  • Insurance claims manager 
  • Medical transcription trainees 

These are only a few of the majority of roles offered by various healthcare facilities in Trivandrum. The city continues to expand its industrial development boundaries, with companies setting up offices in different localities by the day. 

What are the prospects of career growth in Trivandrum? 

Trivandrum, being a developing city in terms of IT, technology, and other sectors, offers decent opportunities for career growth as you acquire experience by working through jobs. 

The work-oriented culture in Trivandrum offers growth opportunities for tech jobs, software development, web design, and many more. Trivandrum has become a hub for several startups which have a demand for skilled programmers. 

What are the highest-paying jobs in Trivandrum? 

Some of the highest paying jobs in Trivandrum lie in the IT sector, and here are the companies that offer the highest incentives alongside a decent work-life balance - 

  • UST Global 
  • EY 
  • Allianz 
  • QBurst 
  • Envestnet 
  • H&R Block 
  • FAYA:80 
  • IBS 

Where can you get the best jobs in Trivandrum? 

As discussed earlier, you can easily browse for jobs in Trivandrum by visiting popular job-listing websites such as founditindia to land your dream role and the one that suits your skillset. You can also directly visit the websites of the above-mentioned IT parks in Trivandrum or approach a job consultancy in Trivandrum

What are the educational qualifications you need to work in Trivandrum? 

If you wish to work in the IT sector in Trivandrum, then you must either be a graduate, a post-graduate, or have a diploma in Computer Sciences, software engineering, or any other equivalent degree. It is also advisable to keep your skillset updated with the latest market demands, some of which include AI, ML & DL, web development, UX designing, and more.  

What are the new projects with potential jobs for freshers in Trivandrum? 

Here are some of the latest openings in Trivandrum with jobs that might match your skillset: 

Company  / Job Profile 

VR Assurance MDM Pvt Ltd - Office Executive 

VNC Group  - Finance Associate 

IDFC First Bank  - Banker-Customer Experience 

BST Software Pvt Ltd - Trainee VB.NET Developers 

CareW - Career Counselor 

Nas Fuels - Executive Secretary - Female