Jobs in Kolkata : Find Latest Job Vacancies & Openings in Kolkata

Looking for a job in Kolkata? It’s not difficult to find one if you are equipped with the right job searching tools. If you love the humdrum of a city that’s steeped in culture, Kolkata is a great place to build a career. A fine blend of antiquity and modernity, Kolkata was the capital of the British India and popularly known as the City of Joy. It comes alive during Durga Puja and it’s when you experience the cultural explosion. However, to enjoy the many charms the city has to offer, you need to build a stable career in Kolkata. Kolkata is one of the important commercial, cultural, and educational centers of the country, especially for the Eastern part of India. Kolkata is one of the most populous cities in the country.

✅ What’s the scope of jobs in Kolkata?

Since independence, Kolkata (earlier Calcutta) has come a long way. The city has grown and is among the largest metropolitan cities of India. With the growth has come the growing number of jobs that have attracted job seekers from neighbouring states of Bihar and Northeast. However, it’s not only the neighbouring states but the city has an influx of job seekers from different parts of the country.

Young graduates in Kolkata can find jobs from manufacturing companies to banks and educational institutions, to construction and pharma industry, and from textiles to tea and steel. Kolkata is among the few cities which is home to some of the oldest companies in India (some of them are running from the times of the Britishers).

The city has such a mix of industries and business that it is easy to find a job for fresh graduates and as well as experienced job seekers.

Can a job seeker f ind a govt. job in Kolkata?

It’s not only the private sector that offers a multitude of job vacancies in Kolkata, but job seekers also prepare and apply for govt. jobs in Kolkata.

The City of Joy is home to many government offices, and it is not unusual for job seekers to give first preference to government jobs in Kolkata. Many prepare for government jobs in the railways, transport department, police and banks among others. If you also strongly looking for a government job in Kolkata, we wish you all the best. Though government jobs in Kolkata are preferred by job seekers, at times getting one is laborious and time consuming. You need hard work, grit and a bit of luck to get a government job in Kolkata.

Which are the top companies for jobs in Kolkata?

If you are looking for a job in private sector in Kolkata, there are many reputed companies in Kolkata that you can explore. To help you find a job in some of the best companies in Kolkata, we have listed top companies in Kolkata that you can apply for a job matching your skills and qualifications.

Which are the popular work hubs in Kolkata?

Though there are not very specific areas for jobs in Kolkata as companies and industries are scattered all around the city, below are few well known areas to look for a job in Kolkata.

Salt Lake: You’ll find most of the IT jobs in the city are centered in and around Salt Lake area. In fact, the Salt Lake has offices of many top companies in Kolkata including Wipro, L&T, OLA and Swiggy among others.

Behala: It is a highly industrial and commercial area in Kolkata and most of the big industries are located here. If your work is directly related to industry operations, you might land up getting a job here. All the best for that!

Salt Lake: Again, Salt Lake is one of the most popular places in Kolkata and it’s a mix of residential and commercial areas. It is considered one of the posh areas of the city and hence the accommodation is on the higher side compared to other parts of the city. Most of the IT professionals like to stay in this area as Salt Lake is also the IT hub of Kolkata. It is well connected with the rest of the city by different modes of transport. Salt Lake is more towards south Kolkata, with all facilities like hospitals, schools, parks, etc. within a tolerable distance.

Tollygunge: Like Salt Lake, Tollygunge is in south Kolkata and is also a good place to live in if your office is in Park Street, Camac Street, or JL Nehru road. Commuting is easy because of the metro train, which connects Tollygunge to other nearby areas of the city. Tollygunge is not only buzzing with eating joints and shops, but it is also where you’ll find the best mall of Kolkata - the South City Mall.

New Town: New Town is another area close to Salt Lake and it has offices of many IT companies. It has a well- maintained residential area and suitable if you plan to move here with your family.

Esplanade/ Dharamtalla: If you are looking for an accommodation within the central Kolkata, Esplanade (or Dharamtalla) is the most affordable place that you can choose to stay. The state bus depot and the Howrah Railway Station are not too far thus making Esplanade a convenient place to live in Kolkata.

How to search for a job in Kolkata?

  • Make a list of companies you plan to join
  • Visit career’s page of these companies to find any open position
  • Apply to a job if you find one
  • If not, send your resume to company HR
  • Visit job portals and look for any vacancies in your list of companies
  • Follow recruiters of your target companies
  • Create a job alert

What are some tips to find a job in Kolkata?

If you have the skills and have a job search strategy in place, finding a job in Kolkata is not difficult. To get a job, first you need to know which are the companies that you want to work for. Once you know the companies, see what it takes to get a job there. Ideally, you should register on a job portal or best a few, follow recruiters of your dream companies and set job alerts, so that you never miss a job opportunity from these companies.

Where can you stay once you get a job in Kolkata?

First thing first, Kolkata is among the cheapest metro cities as far as cost of living is concerned. Here, we have a listed a few areas where you can find a humble place to stay. The chief factor you should consider before renting an accommodation is its distance from your office and means of transport to get there.

Finding a job in Kolkata needs research, planning and preparation. With a combination of these three, we are sure new college graduates and experienced job seekers can easily find a job in Kolkata.