Job Vacancies in Guwahati

As a job seeker in Guwahati, you have the opportunity to work in a city that is developing rapidly. The success of a job search depends on a number of factors. This includes which industry you want to be a part of, which job role you are applying for and what level of experience you have in the job. The same holds true when searching for jobs in Guwahati. Here, we discuss the various opportunities you can explore as a job seeker in Guwahati, with the most prominent industries and job roles that are found in the city.

Irrespective of whichever stage in your career you are – fresher, mid-level associate or senior professional – we have a few pointers related to jobs in Guwahati. Let’s get started.

Which all industries you can check out for jobs in Guwahati?

Since Assam is one of the largest producers of tea in the world, tea plantation, processing and production is a major source of jobs in Guwahati. Apart from that, some of the leading sectors for jobs in Guwahati include transport, sports, media and telecommunications, construction and manufacturing.

Oil and petroleum: Petroleum manufacturing is an important contributor to the economy of Guwahati, offering various products such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), kerosene oil, turbine fuel (for aviation use), motor spirit, high-speed motor diesel, light diesel oil, and raw petroleum coke. There is also an LPG bottling plant in the city.

Job roles: Accountant, administrator, auditor, buyer, cementer, chemical process engineer, commercial manager, contracts engineer, design engineer, customer service manager.

Banking: For those seeking banking and finance-related jobs in Guwahati, a number of centralised, private and international banks have their offices in Guwahati.

Job roles: Probationary officer, fund manager, investment analyst, client advisor, risk manager, compliance officer, security and fraud specialist, operations analyst, business technology specialist.

Sports: The sports industry has a popular presence in Guwahati, specifically in the game of football. There are a number of teams at various levels that offer sports management-related jobs in Guwahati. Due to an increasing encouragement for the sports industry, there is a growing demand for sports and related jobs in Guwahati as well as in the rest of India.

Job roles: Sports agent, sports information director, sports marketing manager, Sports lecturer, sports event manager, sports statistician, sports psychologist, sports physiotherapist.

Tourism and hospitality: Another industry that has a great scope in Guwahati is travel and tourism, thanks to its picturesque location on the eastern flanks of the Himalayas. Its close proximity to neighbouring eastern regions of India make it a further attraction for tourists and hikers alike. Since travel and tourism is a prominent sector, so is its twin, hospitality. So, if you love the travel and hospitality industry, this is another prospect you can explore for jobs in Guwahati.

Job roles: Travel agent, hotel manager, spa manager, tour operator, event and conference organiser, tour guide, executive chef, PR manager, activity coordinator.

Education: In the education sector, Guwahati is home to an IIT, making it an attractive hub for students as well as job seekers in the region.

Job roles: Admissions officer, departmental secretary, alumni officer, registrar, policy officer, pupil services officer, training administrator, finance administrator, human resources manager.

Which are the major companies for jobs in Guwahati?

While Guwahati is a developing city, some of the well-known companies have already set up their offices here. These cover a myriad of industries, from IT to telecommunication, adding a further boost to jobs in Guwahati. Below are some of these prominent employers you can seek for job opportunities in the city.

·        Wipro

·        Reliance Jio

·        Maruti Suzuki

·        ITC Limited

·        Eureka Forbes

·        Bharat Petroleum

·        Sony India

·        Philips India

Apart from these, there are a number of emerging industries and companies being set up in the city, as part of its growth and expansion plans.

How to search for a job in Guwahati?

Now that you have a fair idea about the job market of Guwahati, let us get onto the job search process. If you are a graduating student just about to step into the professional realm, starting with internships is your best bet. An internship not only gives you exposure into the real professional world, but also gives you an edge over other fresh graduates when you apply for a full-time position. You get to apply your theoretical knowledge into practice by learning under the experienced professionals in your domain.

If you are an experienced professional in the industry, your job search should begin with building the right resume. Having all your essential information, presented in a reader-friendly and pleasing manner is key to making your resume more effective. It should also be free or any errors and devoid of information irrelevant to the job profile you apply for.

Once you have your resume in place, start connecting with professionals and recruiters from the industry through online networking platforms, apart from registering yourself with online job portals. These are great ways to stay updated about the latest jobs in Guwahati and emerging industry trends.

Make as much use of the Internet as you can to polish your supporting skills such as communication, interpersonal interactions, personality and body language. Having a strong hold on these are highly useful during interview rounds.

Finding the right job is crucial to meeting the professional and personal goals you set for yourself. And for that to happen you must know where to utilize your skills and qualifications best. With the right set of skills and a job that is meant for you, you will move up the ladder before you know it. Discover your road to a meaningful, rewarding and long-term career through jobs in Guwahati today.