Ambala Opening And Vacancy

The strategic geographic location of Ambala positions it in the close vicinity of prime cities like Chandigarh, Shimla, New Delhi, and Amritsar. This has resulted in various opportunities for jobs in Ambala.

Ambala's cloth market is considered the charm of the city which has large number of small scale units. This market is regarded as the largest cloth trading market in Asia. This market provides many job opportunities in Ambala pertaining to cloth tailoring needs and transportation services in the entire semi-urban area.

This city has a major contribution in the total production of scientific instruments produced in the country. The city also houses some notable schools, colleges and university like E-Max School of Engineering and Applied Research and the army school. These give rise to many career opportunities in Ambala in terms of manufacturing, research, teaching and training.

Ambala is also known for its airbase which is one of the oldest and largest. There is an advanced flying training school too. Hence there are employment opportunities in Ambala for flight instructors, flight simulation attendants, airbase trained workforce and managers.