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Vetting Superintendent (ADPA)

Blumenthal Asia Pte. Ltd.


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2-5 Years
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Job Description

Vetting Superintendent (ADPA)

Vetting Superintendent (Alternate Designated Person Ashore) has a clear understanding of company SMS and is responsible for overseeing vessel vetting processes, assessments, and compliance with industry standards, regulations, and company policies. This role involves ensuring the fleet meets the necessary criteria for safe and efficient operations. Here are the typical duties and responsibilities associated with this position:

1. Vessel Vetting and Compliance:

(A) Coordinate and manage the vetting process for vessels, ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulations, and specific charterers requirements.

(B) Conduct regular internal vetting assessments to verify vessel compliance with vetting criteria.

2. Regulatory Compliance:

(A) Ensure that vessels under management comply with all relevant maritime laws, international conventions, industry guidelines, and charterer-specific requirements.

(B) Stay updated on changes in regulations and industry standards related to vessel vetting and compliance.

3. Vetting Documentation and Records:

(A) Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation related to vetting processes, reports, corrective actions, and compliance records for each vessel.

(B) Collaborate with the DPA to ensure that all documentation aligns with the safety management system (SMS) and vetting requirements.

4. Vetting Performance Analysis:

(A) Analyse vetting reports and performance indicators to identify trends, common deficiencies, and areas for improvement in vessel operations.

(B) Develop action plans based on vetting outcomes to enhance vessel performance and compliance.

5. Communication and Liaison:

(A) Communicate vetting findings, recommendations, and action plans to relevant stakeholders, including vessel masters, fleet managers, operations, and charterers.

(B) Liaise with charterers and industry stakeholders to understand their specific vetting requirements and address any concerns or queries.

6. Pre-Voyage Inspection and Compliance Assurance:

(A) Conduct pre-voyage inspections to ensure vessels are in compliance with vetting criteria before entering specific ports, terminals, or charter agreements.

(B) Coordinate necessary corrective actions to address any identified deficiencies and ensure compliance.

7. Emergency Response and Crisis Management:

(A) Assist in the development and maintenance of emergency response plans related to vetting, ensuring preparedness to handle emergencies during vetting processes.

(B) Coordinate and participate in emergency drills and exercises related to vetting scenarios.

8. Training and Development:

(A) Provide training and guidance to vessel crews and relevant shore-based personnel on vetting processes, requirements, and best practices.

(B) Stay informed about the latest vetting standards and share knowledge within the organization.

9. Budget Management:

(A) Assist in the development and management of budgets related to vetting and compliance activities, ensuring optimal allocation of resources and cost-effectiveness.

The Vetting Superintendent (ADPA) plays a crucial role in ensuring vessels meet the necessary safety, security, and compliance standards for safe and efficient operations, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and adherence to industry best practices.

Education and Qualifications

The candidate requires the following qualifications:

1) A CoC Class 2 or higher

2) A degree in Navigation similar maritime degree

3) A minimum of 1 year experience in a similar position with exposure to Rightship

4) DPA certification

Job-Specific Skills

1) Strong knowledge of bulk vessels regulatory requirements and voyage regulations

2) Great understanding of Rightship and PSC requirements and systems.

3) Excellent project management skills

4) Very good negotiation skills

5) Very good people management skills

6) Team work and cooperation skills

7) Very good organisational skills

8) Worldwide operations require fluency of the English language.

9) PC literacy


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