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Job Description

Located in 17 Baghdad Street, Mavi Turkish Restaurant & Grill is specialized in mainly authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Our restaurant receives high remarks for its quality food and customer service. In order to maintain, our brand and quality, we are looking for Assistant chef whose roles and responsibilities will be but not limited to:

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Work with the main chef to coordinate and carry out the preparation of all meals (i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner including appetizers desserts and occasional hot snacks.)
  • Oversee all kitchen operations, including preparation and cooking when head chef is off.
  • Prepare and cook all dishes including Pides, lahmacu and other Authentic Turkish dishes listed on the menu. Prepare and marinate the meat for kebabs
  • Maintain the consistency of all dishes preparation, presentation and ensure that dishes prepared meet highest quality standards possible and is according what is on the menu and is consistent daily. Use the ingredients as described in the menu and use scales or measuring cups to maintain the consistency in the portions.
  • Make fresh Baklava, Kunefe, Sutlac and Pumpkin dessert (Kabak Tatlisi)
  • Order supplies, manage and control stock and minimizing the waste.
  • Assist with preparing and packaging of the food for pickup and delivery.
  • Assist with the delivery of stock and rotate and control the stock and store and refrigerate food ingredients according to restaurant guidelines.
  • Ensure safe workplace environment practices and responsible for proper hygiene himself as well as the training of other kitchen staff to achieve high standards of hygiene and sanitary standards in the kitchen.
  • Conducts regular inspection to ensure that all equipment is in working order and ensure kitchen equipment are spotless and cleaned daily
  • Continuously monitor the food quality and be receptive to critiques by customers and review and take corrective actions.
  • Ensure purchasing, receiving and storage of all goods are efficiently handled and that the goods purchased conform to the standards and specifications and the quantities.
  • Rinse and clean dishes, pots, pans and utensils. Store in cupboards, drawers and bins.
  • Help maintain all cooking items and service items in orderly and absolutely sanitary condition according to good health-keeping practices, government regulations (SFA).
  • Make sure to keep all food containers closed when not in use including when you store them in the refrigerators and freezer.
  • Regularly clean and sanitize the overheads, cabinet faces, countertops, microwave and freezer interiors, and cabinet interiors.
  • Whenever necessary, assist service staff with servicing and cleaning dining area after meals.


  • Hands-on individual with minimum 5 years of relevant working experience in Authentic and traditional Turkish restaurant
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of Authentic Turkish cuisine and traditional Turkish dishes such as Adana Kababs, Shish Kebab, Beyti, Ali Nazik, Lamacun, Karni Yarik, Iskender, Manti, Musakka, Patlican Kebab and Kunefe, baklava, Sutlac to name a few.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge and experience in making Turkish style pides, lahmacun and Turkish balloon and lavash bread.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge of spices and herbs used in Authentic Turkish cooking.
  • Must have in-depth knowledge and experience in preparing cold and hot Turkish appetizers.
  • Must be able to work on weekends and public holidays
  • Food hygiene certification is compulsory
  • Passionate about food and customer service
  • Must be able to multi-task and keep up in a fast paced environment
  • Must be able to physically stand for long periods
  • Required language(s): Fluent in English. Turkish and Malay or Chinese is an advantage
  • Must be a non-smoker
  • Must not have alcoholic drinking habit


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