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Designated as the vessel's Navigation Officer and Officer of the Watch for Navigation & Cargo Operations for the vessel operating in Singapore and international waters. Designated as the vessel's Medical/Health & Safety Promotion Officer. Ensuring that Bridge and Navigational Equipment is in good working order, maintaining all navigation records and keeping them up to date as required by the Navigation procedures within the VMS and Best Practice Guides.


The Second Officer is responsible to the Master and Chief Officer for:

. Acting as the vessel's Navigation Officer, monitoring the condition of all navigation equipment, correcting/updating all charts and associated navigational publications, and preparing passage plans for approval by the Master. Reporting to the Master any deficiencies which may affect the safe navigation of the vessel

. Keeping a safe navigational watch as instructed by the Master

. Ensuring that the Passage Plan is prepared and executed as per the Navigation Procedures of the Company and per the Master's Standing Orders and specific instructions

. Keeping a cargo/port watch as instructed by the Chief Officer

. Taking charge of a mooring party

. Providing medical first aid under the supervision of the Master or the designated medical officer if suitably qualified

. Maintenance and inventory of the ship's medical stores

. Acting as the Health Promotion Officer aboard vessel on behalf of the Master

. Understudying the Chief Officer whenever suitable opportunities arise

. Any other tasks, duties as instructed by the Master

. Any other tasks, duties as instructed by Chief Officer during Cargo Operations

. The Second Officer is to be given the opportunity to understudy the Master whenever such an opportunity arises including on-board ship handling training. Such training to be recorded and reported in their appraisal report.

Cargo Operations Responsibilities (As applicable to Vessel Type)

The Second Officer is responsible to the Chief Officer for:

. Assisting in all cargo, ballast and cargo spaces preparation, including operations planning.

. Monitoring of cargo and ballast operations as instructed by the Chief Officer

. Ensuring that a proper deck and security watch is maintained

. Ensuring that the vessel remains securely moored at all times


The job requires:

. Good leadership skills in particular the ability to gain respect, to motivate and to set a positive example

. Good managerial skills in particular the ability to make a positive contribution to team working which takes account of the different National cultures onboard

. Good planning and organizational skills

. Good communication skills

. Ability to remain calm and focused at all times, in particular during emergency and/or difficult situations


Second Officer / OOW Certificate of Competence recognised by Singapore flag

Bridge Team Management


Basic and Advanced STCW safety training Requirement

STCW Prof. in Adv Oil Tanker Cargo Ops

STCW Prof. in Basic Oil Tanker and Cargo Ops

STCW Proficiency in advanced Gas tanker cargo.

STCW Seafarers with Designated Security Duties

STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat


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