Perfumery Marketing Intern

0-1 years
800 - 1000 SGD monthly
22 days ago
Job Description

We are seeking a talented and creative Perfumery Marketing intern to join our team for a 22-week internship program. The ideal candidate should have a passion for niche fragrances. As an intern, your primary responsibility will be to create digital marketing content that enhances the consumer experience visually for Scent Journer fragrance products. You will play a crucial role in helping consumers understand our products visually without relying solely on the sense of smell. Additionally, you will contribute to increasing the average order value through effective visual communication and creative thinking to generate lean marketing and collaboration ideas.


Content Creation:

Develop engaging and visually appealing digital marketing content, including images, videos, and written materials, to effectively communicate the unique qualities and benefits of our Scent Journer fragrance products.

Online Consumer Experience:

Collaborate with the Creative Director to optimize the consumer experience on our website, social media platforms, and online advertising campaigns. Ensure the visual elements align with our brand identity and enhance consumer understanding.

Visual Storytelling:

Create compelling narratives that capture the essence of our fragrance products and resonate with our target audience.

Consumer Insights:

Research consumer preferences, market trends, and competitor analysis to gain insights into visual communication strategies that drive consumer engagement and improve ROI on ad spend.

Creative Thinking and Collaboration:

Generate innovative ideas for lean marketing initiatives, including collaborations with other brands to generate sales and increase brand awareness.

Sales and Customer Interaction:

Comfortable with hands-on sales activities to have direct contact with customers, and understand and gather feedback to improve our marketing efforts.

Brand Consistency:

Ensure consistency in visual communication across all marketing touchpoints, adhering to brand guidelines and standards.


Proficiency in digital content creation tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator

Strong visual communication skills with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics.

Demonstrated interest in luxury fragrances and knowledge of the fragrance industry.

Understanding of digital marketing principles, including social media platforms, website optimization, and online advertising.

Creative thinking and ability to generate innovative ideas for lean marketing initiatives, including collaborations with other brands.

Sales experience or willingness to engage in sales activities to gain direct customer insights.

Analytical mindset and ability to utilize data to make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing performance.

Proactive with the ability to handle multiple projects and prioritize tasks.

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