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1-10 years
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Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities:
Operators will be collecting map data using vehicles equipped with a sensor mounted on the roof to scan and collect data of the road network and route assigned.
At the end of each day, you will transfer the data to an online platform through the electronic device provided for the development of the next generation of digital maps to power mobile applications and autonomous vehicles.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:
Looking for candidates who are comfortable in the navigation and operation of technical equipment.
Must be able to work for long periods (approximately 8 10 hours a day) and have experience operating and navigating a vehicle in all situations (i.e. in cities, on highways, suburban and rural areas)
You must have a working knowledge of using GPS and navigation applications.
Have a basic understanding of operating a computer (basic software) and can manoeuvre between different software applications on an iPad.
Do not need any experience in programming or coding.

Role Expectations:
Operate mapping vehicles with care and attention including abiding by all traffic and highway rules in Malaysia.
Work effectively as part of a larger mapping team.
Use of navigation software and other applications on assigned routes.
Interact with other operators, Camp Coordinators, Drive Coordinators, Regional Manager and member of the public in a professional manner.
Follow the rules and work mission as requested by manager.
Work occasional evenings and on weekend.
Complete daily check on vehicle and equipment and notify manager of any issues.
Operate carefully with regards to the equipment on the vehicle, such as knowledge of the height of the vehicle with the equipment and be mindful of low hanging objects such as trees.
Protect the equipment and vehicle by always parking the vehicle securely.
Follow security protocols and instructions from managers.
Maintain the confidentiality of the project and data collected.
Daily operate and monitor the sensor equipment on the mapping vehicle.
Troubleshoot equipment issues.

The successful candidate/The ideal Operator/Navigator must meet the following criteria:
A valid driving license to operate a vehicle in Malaysia.
Must be 25 years of age or above, due to insurance requirements.
Have a minimum of 2 years driving experience.
Familiar with the road network you are operating in.
Candidate needs to be able to conduct themselves professionally and communicate honestly and openly with their manager.
Must have basic technical familiarity with maps, phones and tablets and able to follow technical instructions.
Good communicator and able to complete daily report for their manager.
Able to lift 45kg with help from another person.
All successful candidate needs to undergo and pass the training program before being able to operate the equipment and vehicle.
There is no gender requirement for the role as long as you can meet expectations and requirement for the role.








mapping operator
personal driver
lorry driver

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