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Job Description

Job Description:

  • Responsible for analog/hybrid circuit program planning and design implementation, performance optimization, simulation verification and testing related work
  • Responsible for the design of high-performance, ultra-low voltage customized circuits under advanced technology. Targeting specific PPA requirements, able to select transistors, layout
  • Effect analysis, unit logic merging and simplification, and starting from the underlying optimization thinking, deliver digital units or modules that can be integrated
  • Responsible for the physical design, analog/digital chip layout design of advanced technology digital ASIC/AI/CPU chips, and the exploration of new technologies such as PPAC optimization, fully customized design, and advanced packaging under advanced technology
  • Write various design documents and standardized materials, and implement the company's development processes, specifications and systems.
  • Work tasks include but are not limited to:
  • Commonly used analog chip or IP design, transistor-level circuit design and simulation, layout planning and design, timing library characterization extraction, SRAM custom design, etc.
  • From gate-level netlist to back-end physical implementation of GDSII, digital/analog chip layout design, including PR, PV, IR Signoff, PPAC optimization, Sta/Spice Signoff, etc.
  • Chip design process development, In-House EDA tool development, chip yield tracking and optimization


  • Majors include but are not limited to mathematics/physics/electronic science and technology/microelectronics/information and communication engineering/computer science and technology/materials science and engineering fresh college students or overseas students within one year of graduation , master's degree or above
  • Excellent academic performance, strong curiosity, learning ability and knowledge transfer ability for new things and knowledge in professional and related fields
  • Understand the IC development process, and have a certain theoretical foundation and necessary capabilities of digital circuits as well as innovation capabilities.

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