Head Chef

7-10 years
5000 - 6000 SGD monthly
a day ago
Job Description

. Monitor overall food operation and ensure that food items are being prepared in a timely and correct manner.

. Control and monitor the optimum food cost to yield the maximum amount of outlet profit and maximum guest satisfaction.

. Check that the quality of food prepared by staff meets the required standard and make necessary adjustments.

. Monitors food quality and quantity to ensure the most economical usage of ingredients.

. Assist in daily purchasing and receiving of goods and ensure the quality of goods delivered by suppliers.

. Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene policies and procedures and ensure proper storage methods.

. Oversee the cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of the kitchen and undertakes steps necessary to maintain the highest possible standards in this area.

. Plan monthly roster to ensure smooth operations and high productivity.

. Create new menu items and seasonal/ daily specials with the Executive Chef.

. Manage the training functions and ensure all staff are certified in their position before taking charge of an area of responsibility.

. Monitor staff performance in all phases of job functions, ensuring that all procedures are carried out to restaurant standards, provide direct coaching when necessary.

. Attend monthly management meetings, holds daily briefings and receive feedbacks in the absence of the Executive & Head Chef and communicate upwards to ensure a high level of staff satisfaction.

. AWS + Bonus + Performance Incentive

. 5.5 days, Rotational Shift Basis / No OT

. Suntec