Frontend Developer, React

0-2 years
4000 - 8000 SGD monthly
17 days ago 47 Applied
Job Description

Job duties and responsibilties

- Responsible for the front-end development, debugging and modification of the company's existing projects and new projects, and independently complete the development tasks of the company's products and projects

- According to the work arrangement, complete the code writing efficiently and with high quality, and effectively cooperate with the back-end developers to complete related work

- Optimize the overall framework design and basic component development of the front end of the project

Job requirements

More than 3 years of front-end development experience

Proficient in HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript and other front-end technologies, solve mainstream browser compatibility issues, and be familiar with page performance optimization, and have a deep understanding of React and Vue.

Familiar with front-end construction tool webpack, familiar with SSR, CSR and related frameworks.

Familiar with front-end engineering and modular development, front-end performance optimization.

Passionate about new technologies and highly motivated

Have good product awareness and able to work smoothly in teams