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Job Description

Job Description

The FPGA is used to interface all the products external and internal signals: encoders (of variety of types), analog signals, digital I/O, servo amplifiers, communications, and so on. Some of our products are with FPGA only (without a CPU) and there the FPGA is the core of the product.

In the FPGA we develop interfaces, algorithms, dedicated communication (our patent), timing, error detection, and so on.

We are looking for an FPGA engineer that is experienced with VHDL programming and all involved concepts and methods, as well as an understanding of HW design and hopefully also embedded FW design, to be able to see the full picture of our products.

The job involves :

  • Design and implementation of algorithms in various FPGA development environments.
  • Design test and verification methods and capabilities for FPGA and SOCs.
  • Tight interface with CPU and with HW.
  • Close collaboration with fellow FPGA and other engineers in order to develop, debug and test a product according to requirements.Working directly with customers to define requirements and resolve problems.


  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree / Master's Degree and/or equivalent, preferrably in Electrical Engineering and/or any other relevant course of study.
  • Dealt with applications project, delivery to customers, facing with customer and deadline pressure.
  • Ability to apply critical thinking to solve a vast spectrum of potential issues.
  • Preferably with 3 Year(s) of working experience in [trade/industry, i.e. Motion Controls, High precision, Semiconductor, Machine building, Manufacturing] and/or any other related field/industry is required for this position.

Other Information

Skillset(s) Requirement:

  • 4+ years experience in developing in VHDL.
  • Deep understanding and experience with the design of synchronized systems and proper VHDL writing/debugging.
  • Performing all designs process including Synthesis, place & route, and timing optimizations.
  • Proficiency in ModelSim is a huge advantage.
  • Debugging of hybrid hardware/software systems.
  • Experienced in embedded solutions and writing firmware using C++ is an added advantage.
  • Proficiency in static timing analysis and digital signal processing for FPGA design is an added advantage.
  • Experienced working in motion control industry or environment is an added advantage.
  • Testing and verification of FPGA logic and complete system.
  • Randomized testing and simulations.
  • Familiarity and experience working with I2C, USB, SPI, UART, and PWM.

Preferred skills:

  • Experience with Control systems.
  • Familiarity with a variety of FPGA vendors and development environments including SOC.
  • Ethernet-based communications.
  • Basic hardware digital design knowledge.
  • Familiarity with SW development process.


  • Strong communication skills necessary
  • Life long learning mindset
  • Kind, friendly and approachable

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