5-7 years
9000 - 11000 SGD monthly
7 days ago
Job Description


  • Responsible for the monitoring and analysis of terminal delivery and abnormal handling
  • Responsible for abnormal monitoring and analysis of transportation links and abnormal handling
  • Responsible for monitoring and analysis of transit links and abnormal handling
  • Responsible for customs monitoring and analysis and abnormal handling
  • Responsible for closed-loop follow-up processing of various abnormal events
  • Responsible for the follow-up and implementation of major activities and business peak seasons
  • Responsible for the preparation and formulation of various emergency plans
  • Responsible for daily spot checks and equipment management of video surveillance
  • Other work assigned by superior leaders.


  • Education: University degree or above (outstanding talents can be relaxed to college degree)
  • experience: operating line, project-type work experience or willing to develop in the O line is preferred
  • Ability: clear logic, strong learning ability, good communication skills
  • Skills: Proficient in office software, including Excel, Word, etc