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Biology Research (freelance 2 mths)

Beckman Coulter Singapore Pte. Ltd.


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2-5 Years
1,200 - 1,500 monthly SGD
14 days ago
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Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic and motivated Intern with a Biology-related Master's degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU). This role involves investigating academic and biopharmaceutical customer research projects to identify potential sales opportunities .The Intern will compile account information and conduct customer mapping.

..Key Responsibilities..:

- Investigate and analyze academic and biopharmaceutical research projects through website and google.

- Identify potential customers needs for flow cytometers, centrifuges, and liquid handling systems.

- Find KOL(Key opinion leader) of Extra Vehicle (EV), exosome, cell and gene therapy

- Utilize research findings to discover potential sales opportunities.

- Assess the market landscape and identify key trends and emerging needs.

- Collect and organize detailed information on potential clients.

- Maintain and update databases with relevant customer and project data.

- Conduct customer mapping to understand the relationships and hierarchies within organizations.

- Identify and document key decision-makers and stakeholders.

- Prepare reports and presentations summarizing research findings.

- Communicate potential sales strategies and recommendations on an agreed timeline


- ..Education..: Master's degree in Biology or a related field from NUS or NTU.


- Gain hands-on experience in market research and sales strategy within the biotechnology sector.

- Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and industry leaders.

- Develop valuable professional connections and enhance your career prospects.

- Experience in multinational company and advanced process


- 12001500 SGD/month

Last Updated: 23-07-2024 05:01:16 PM
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