0-1 years
1500 - 2000 SGD monthly
5 days ago
Job Description

Job Summary

Provides assistance to arriving and departing guests & handles their luggage, orientates the guest in his room and other hotel facilities. He is the first and last contact with the guest

Job Responsibilities include, but are not limited to

Guest Arrival

Assists guests and patrons by opening and closing car and Hotel's doors in the absence of the doorman

Counts the number of luggage unloaded and double-checks with guests to ensure that no luggage is missing

Checks guest's luggage tag

Greets the guests and offers assistance, directs guests to the registration desk and wait till the room have been assigned

Delivers luggage to the guest room slightly after GRA has escorted the guest to his room. If a guest is unescorted by a FOE/GRO, Bellman shall escort him to the room

Shows the guest the key operations and run through the room amenities etc

Informs and sells to the guest other Hotel's facilities

Guest Check-out

Collects guest luggage from the room on departure and brings the luggage to the lobby for guest's check-out

Checks with guests if a taxi is required

Loads luggage into the taxi and gets the guest to confirm the pieces before he boards the taxi

Advises the taxi driver of the guest's destination


Sends mail, messages, parcels, packages, mail & cables to the guest's room

Provides personal morning call if the operator cannot reach the guest by phone

Assists guests in moving luggage for a room transfer

Records all room transfer requests in the Bellman's Control Book


Help keep the lobby and front of the Hotel areas cleaned

Maintaining the Buggy cleanliness

Calls for Housekeeping Department if lobby area needs cleaning


Receives and counts daily newspapers before delivering

Lobby Traffic Control

Controls the movement of the vehicles at the Hotel's front entrance to avoid traffic congestion

Records in the logbook any vehicles which gave trouble like illegal parking etc


Forms part of the Hotel's Fire Fighting team

Responds to fire alarms immediately

Assists in other forms of emergencies


Reports to the Concierge and Duty Manager of any unusual circumstance, occurring in the lobby and the floor area

Other Services

Escorts guests with umbrellas to their vehicles

Keeps abreast with the latest happenings in the tourism scene, events in the Hotel etc so as to assist guests in their enquiries

Performs any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by Management