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Job Description


As Local Coordinator and as part of the Blended Care Team, you will assist the care management team in developing social activities and interest groups for residents at a physical centre, under the Health District @ Queenstown. This effort is in part to support social-health integration and enhance care delivery in the community.

These activities include working with residents and community partners to co-create, plan and conduct ground-up activities (e.g. exercise groups, hawker centre tours, etc.), encourage residents to participate in suitable programmes, within and beyond the physical space and oversee the general operations at the centre.

You will be involved in facilitating the development and implementation of Health District Queenstown Lighthouse Projects involving National University Health System (NUHS) and various community partners in Queenstown to support social-health integration and enhance care delivery in the community.

Job Responsibilities

You will be responsible for the following:

1. Co-create and organise activities and interest groups at the physical space

. Engage residents and volunteers to co-create, plan, and conduct activities and interest groups e.g. hawker centre tours to share on healthier eating habits.

. Encourage and support residents to self-run activities and interest groups

. Partner with local community leader(s) and stakeholders to organise programmes and services

. Organise regular resident engagement sessions to gather feedback on activities and services provided by the Blended Care Team

. Develop and implement strategies to raise awareness of the space amongst Queenstown residents

2. Encourage residents to participate in suitable activities and programmes

. Encourage and direct residents to participate in suitable health and social activities (e.g. exercise, volunteerism, interest groups) at the space and in the community

. Coordinate with the Blended Care Team to ensure residents health and social care needs are met

3. Facilitate development of the physical space and oversee general operations

. Facilitate the conceptualisation and development of the physical centre

. Oversee general operations of space, and support in logistics and budgeting matters

. Record attendance and other data for evaluation


. Bachelor Degree in the field of Social Sciences (e.g. social work, counselling, psychology), with prior experience in related areas such as social care services, aged care services and/or community engagement.

. At least 2 - 3 years of working experience.

. Ability to work independently, adaptable, analytical and a good team player.

. Strong communication and stakeholder management skills, and able to engage with partners and older adults in the community.

. Good organisational, time management, administrative and interpersonal skills.

. Good written and verbal communication skills in multiple languages and dialects is preferred.

. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite with ability to learn new IT systems.


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