Assistant Engineer, Permanent Way

0-1 years
28800 - 57600 SGD
Job Description

1. Maintain the MRT tracks, third rails, tunnels and the associated peripherals to fulfil the LTA Licence of Operating Agreement (LOA), Code of Practice CP 2 and the Maintenance Manuals. Ensure the safety and integrity of the MRT tracks, third rail, tunnels and the associated peripherals by planning, monitoring, reviewing and ensuring all PM and CM works, inspections, ad hoc projects are carried out on time in accordance with the approved Maintenance Plan.

2. Responsible for the PWAY maintenance teams and the Contractors for outsource works under his / her charge.

3. Manage the day-to-day maintenance and administration activities of PWAY.

4. Responsibility for the PM, CM, modification / upgrade and repair works of the mainline and depot tracks, third rails, tunnels and the associated peripherals in compliance with relevant work instructions / procedures, maintenance manuals and LTA Code of Practice CP 2.

5. Conduct regular risk assessment of the maintenance works and implement mitigations to ensure safety is not compromised.

6. Review existing work instructions / procedures, risk assessment regularly to ensure that they are relevant and up-to-date.

7. Ensure that the latest version of work instructions / procedures, risk assessment, Operations Circulars and Investigation recommendations are implemented.

8. Align staff with Company's Vision, Mission & Core Values and the Strategic Trusts through regular communications & sharing sessions on progress & development of rolled out plans.

9. Meet the set KPIs and maintain high level of productivity and quality by monitoring, reviewing and conducting the followings:

10. Organization of manpower deployment to match workloads.

11. Conduct daily Tool Box meeting with TO and Contractors Supervisors.

12. Conduct regular safety inspection / audit at worksites to ensure safety procedures are complied with.

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13. Train and develop staff to be competent and proficient in their respective areas of work.

14. Implement and maintain the Quality Assurance System in accordance with ISO9001:2000.

15. Regularly review the requirement of maintenance tools, equipment, spares and if needed, put up justification for procurement in a timely manner.

16. Monitor, review and re-align staff goals, development/training plan and provide guidance to new staff on the job.

17. Assist EMM to prepare annual budget and maintenance plan for his team and ensure that expenditures and work progress are tracked and monitored so that they are within allocated financial budgets for both Capital & Operating accounts and works are completed on schedule.

18. Assist EMM to draft the necessary Operations Circulars in accordance with the requirements of the works and Railway Operations Procedures and disseminate to all staff involved with the work during the Tool Box Meeting.

19. Assist EMM to prepare and submit Request for Modification (RFM) and Approval for Modification (AFM) before commencing any modification to the railway assets and Completion of Modification (COM) after the modification has successfully completed.

20. Assist EMM to conduct incident/accident investigation and draft preliminary report for submission to Safety and Security Inspectorate (SSI) and implement the recommended follow-up action(s) from SSI.

21. Conduct staff performance appraisal and counselling.

22. Participate in the inspection of new STEL's mainline / depot tracks, third rails, tunnel and the associated peripherals for defects punch-listing and review of the defects punch-list to ensure timely rectification by LTA / Contractors.

23. Check and review the teams and Contractors monthly works progress to ensure there is no delay, if required surface up to EMM for catch up plan.

24. Submit daily report to EMM and assist EMM to prepare monthly report.

25. Required to work extra hours after work, respond to urgent call round the clock and perform permanent night shift duties as and when required.

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