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Job Description

Key Responsibilities
Spearhead the design and development of Android applications that captivate our audience with their interactivity and user-centric design.
Employ the MVVM architectural pattern and Jetpack Compose to ensure our applications are not only scalable but also maintainable, setting the standard for modern user interfaces.
Be at the forefront of integrating features, pushing the boundaries of how news and content are experienced.
Work hand-in-hand with teams across disciplines to brainstorm, develop, and deploy features that make a difference.
Uphold exemplary standards in software quality by adopting best practices in unit and snapshot testing, ensuring our applications reliability and consistency.
Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies in Android development and augmented reality, continuously driving our digital offerings to new heights.

What We're Looking For
Experience with either AR-Core, Unity or similar platforms for creating rich AR content. A mastery of Kotlin and Java, paired with a thorough understanding of the Android SDK, design patterns like MVVM, and modern UI development with Jetpack Compose.
Demonstrated prowess in AR development, especially with ARCore, with a zeal for crafting immersive digital experiences.
A knack for modular app development, a solid grasp of RESTful and GraphQL API integrations, and a dedication to the principles of OOP.
Proficiency in Git and GitHub, showcasing your ability to collaborate effectively and manage version control with finesse.
Experience with CI/CD tools, illustrating your commitment to automation and efficiency in the software delivery process.
An enthusiasm for Agile development methodologies, such as Scrum or Lean Startup, reflecting your adaptability and collaborative spirit in a fast-paced, iterative environment.
Exceptional problem-solving skills, a proactive attitude, and the ability to work autonomously.
Excellent communication skills, essential for thriving in a collaborative and dynamic team.
Knowledge of cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, showcasing your versatility in
mobile app development.

About Us
Collabera Digital is a Leading Digital Solutions company providing Software Engineering Solutions to the world’s most tech-forward organizations.
With more than 25 years of experience, we have hired over 17000 employees across 60+ offices globally and currently place 10000+ professionals annually to support critical IT engagements at more than 500 client sites, 80% being the Fortune 500. {and 59% of the Fortune 50 (could use either stat)}

With Collabera Digital, you
• Will get to work on numerous challenging and exciting projects, including UI/UX transformation, Blockchain, AI/Data Science, Cloud migrations, Cyber-Security and Engineering.
• At Collabera Digital you have 80% chance of project extension or redeployment to other clients
• Will have endless opportunities to learn new technologies through our in-house Training arm – Cognixia.
Please let me know the best time and number to connect with you or please give me a call on {your number} to discuss this further. Also, if you happen to know anyone who fits this role, please send us their resume. We do have a referral policy.

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