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Hot Digital Marketing jobs in Singapore

digital marketing jobs

With increasing possibilities to market products and services, the marketing and advertising industry is constantly growing and transforming. While a few years ago, companies had trouble filling digital marketing positions, today, it has become one of the hottest sections in the job market.

However, as the industry is transforming digitally every single day, jobs are changing too. Take a look at some of the most exciting digital marketing jobs in Singapore.

Digital Data Analyst

This job is not only one of the most sought-after jobs in marketing, but also one of the best-paid ones. As marketing and advertising are increasingly data and performance-driven, digital analysts are very valuable for the core business. Digital data analysts are a new breed of workers, as they not only need analytical skills but also require a business sense and in-depth marketing knowledge. These rockstars are hard to find, but once hired their potential is limitless as they can quickly rise to become CTO, CMO or even CEO.

Digital data analysts are constantly trying to identify market trends while evaluating potential business opportunities to drive products and services efficiently across mobile and web. They are not only in control of the company’s analytics, but also have to liaise with business stakeholders, justifying their data-driven decisions.

Digital Marketing Manager

This job includes developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns, which sounds straightforward in theory. However, in practice this is slightly more complicated, as digital marketing managers need to be on top of the entire marketing process, ranging from identifying opportunities with analytics and observing the rest of the industry to creatively lead designers and writers. While it is one of the most demanding jobs in the marketing industry, it is also one of the most creative positions.

Digital marketing managers don’t just grow out of marketing departments but come from PR agencies as well as business departments. Although digital marketing is nothing new, many companies with a more traditional approach are only starting their digitisation, resulting in a huge demand for digital marketing managers.

Mobile UI/UX Designer

Similar to the digital data analyst, mobile UI/UX designers not only need to have technical understanding, but also need to be creative and see the bigger picture. This is a job with future potential. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade, you will know that mobile is a big deal. Creating an easy-to-use mobile interface that converts users and customers is crucial for many businesses.

Being able to create engaging mobile designs, makes you a sought after candidate in the job market with demand coming from e-commerce websites, insurance companies, banks, publishers etc.

Digital Content Strategist

Savvy audiences and the sheer volume of information thrown at them make it increasingly hard for companies to get their marketing messages across. Creating enriching and valuable content is essential when it comes to marketing today.

It is the job of the digital content strategist to identify not only what is communicated, but also to keep abreast with new channels and trends in the industry. This is essentially a role for hyper-creative people, as your daily job is to find something that hasn’t been done yet. Working in content strategy makes you the MVP in marketing – and this is true for multinationals as well as startups.



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