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Cover Letters That Get You the Interview

A cover letter is a letter that accompanies your resume and introduces you, highlighting your reasons for sending the resume to the particular employer. A covering letter must accompany ALL non-electronic resume postings. For e-mail, you should substitute the cover letter with a short introduction in the body of the e-mail.

The prospect of getting a call for a job interview depends a lot on how you phrase your cover letter.

Tips to make the best impression with a power-packed one!

How to address the recipient

Address a specific recipient.

Inappropriate address:

“Dear Sir or Madam”
“To Whom It May Concern.”

This lazy approach will show that you were not concerned enough to find out whom to address your letter.

Appropriate address: “Dear ” 

Paragraph 1- Opening – Tell why you are a Good Fit for that Job.

Weak opening: ‘I am writing today to apply for the account manager position you have posted on your company Website.’

Better opening: ‘I have increased the size and sales levels of my client base in every position I have held, which in turn has increased the revenues and profits of my employers. I want to bring this same success to the account position you have posted on your Website.’

Paragraph 2 -Synopsis

Make a mention of academic and professional experience relevant to the job. Ensure to stress accomplishments than job responsibilities.

Weak synopsis: I have an MBA from XYZ Business School. I have completed my BE in the year 2007. I have worked as a Summer Trainee in ZBC Company for 2 months.’
Strong synopsis: ‘I have a formal training in business management with a keen interest in the area of Event Management. The exceptional organizational abilities and detail orientation I deployed to conduct college festivals at my college, are directly applicable to the skills needed for event management. With exposure to interacting with corporate for fund-raising, I can prospect new business opportunities, successfully manage client relationships, give presentations, and much more.’


Paragraph 3 – Relate

Tie yourself to the Job/Company. Echo the words and intent of the given vaccancy.

Weak relation: ‘I will like to apply for the job of Software Programmer in ABC Company.’

Strong relation
: ‘I have a strong background in programming. I came across this opportunity with ABC Company and found it very exciting. It matches my interest and skills in the area of mobile computing and I can contribute to the success of the organization while pursuing my professional goals.’

Final Paragraph – A call to Action

You want to get an interview call. Come right out, ask for an interview and then follow up.

Weak call to action: ‘I hope you will consider my resume favorably and consider me for the position. I look forward to hearing from you.’

Strong call to action: ‘I look forward to being interviewed at your earliest convenience. Thank you so much for this opportunity. If you require any additional information, I can be contacted at the phone numbers listed above.’

A well thought-out dynamic cover letter can attract the employer’s attention and get your phone ringing! 

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